Tirols SPÖ-Chef Georg Dornauer: Partei muss pragmatische Mitte anstreben und keine Gendersterne diskutieren

Tirol’s SPÖ leader Georg Dornauer believes his party needs to move towards the „pragmatic center“ instead of focusing on gender issues. He also expressed his disdain for working with Herbert Kickl from the FPÖ party. Dornauer has been visiting Vienna more frequently, leading some to speculate that he is considering a move to national politics. While he does not deny the possibility of becoming a minister in the next government, he insists that his focus is on the party’s internal program. Dornauer also expressed his frustration with the provocation and division caused by the FPÖ during the COVID-19 pandemic and urged the other parliamentary parties to respond with arguments instead of taking to the streets. He supports a more pragmatic approach to asylum and migration, suggesting that asylum procedures should take place at external borders and that there should be no delay in deportations. Dornauer acknowledges the complexities of deportation but criticizes the FPÖ for oversimplifying the issue. When it comes to international agreements like the Human Rights Convention and the Geneva Refugee Convention, he believes they are beautiful in their intentions but may require responsible evaluation in light of increasing migration pressures. Dornauer also expressed his desire for the SPÖ to return to sensible politics and to learn from past mistakes of disconnect. He does not support the party’s current focus on gender issues and believes that the party needs to focus on policies that resonate with the public, rather than internal debates. While some speculate about Dornauer’s future in national politics, he remains committed to his current position and has not made any definitive statements about his aspirations.

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