Psychische Belastungen am Arbeitsplatz: Tipps für ein gesundes Teamklima

Psychische Belastungen: When Teamwork Mitigates Stress

Stress has become a prevalent issue in the contemporary workplace, drawing attention to the importance of mental well-being. Companies are actively seeking solutions to identify and address stress-related challenges, aiming to create healthier work environments.

Various factors such as tight deadlines, high quality standards, communication difficulties, and excessive workload contribute to stress among individual employees or entire teams. Stress is not merely a buzzword but a significant mental strain that can lead to long-term health issues. Recognizing and addressing these psychological strains is crucial for employers to ensure the well-being of their staff.

The BG ETEM (Berufsgenossenschaft Energie Textil Elektro Medienerzeugnisse) plays a key role in supporting businesses in managing psychological burdens. They offer an online tool for assessing mental stress risks, guiding companies through a comprehensive evaluation process. This tool, named „Gemeinsam zu gesunden Arbeitsbedingungen“ (Together Towards Healthy Working Conditions), helps identify areas for improvement and enables proactive measures to enhance workplace conditions.

Following the assessment, the BG ETEM provides access to occupational psychologists who facilitate workshops for teams and their leaders. These sessions allow for open discussions on stress factors and collaborative development of effective solutions.

One success story involves Hanika, a guitar manufacturer in Baiersdorf, where increasing stress levels prompted management to engage in a risk assessment and subsequent workshop facilitated by the BG ETEM. Two years later, the company observed positive changes in employee satisfaction and overall relaxation within the workforce.

In a recent episode of the BG ETEM podcast „Ganz sicher“ (Absolutely Secure), Martin Bretscher, a HR specialist at Hanika, shares insights on the journey towards stress mitigation and highlights the benefits of investing time and resources in employee well-being.

To listen to the podcast and access additional information, visit the BG ETEM website or popular podcast platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, RTL+, Pocket Casts, and Apple Podcasts.

About BG ETEM:

As the statutory accident insurance for approximately four million employees in over 200,000 member companies, BG ETEM plays a crucial role in ensuring occupational safety, health protection, and the rehabilitation of work-related injuries and illnesses. By assuming liability for the health consequences of work accidents and occupational diseases, BG ETEM relieves member companies of legal responsibilities towards their employees.


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